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If you are looking for "used trucks near me," then you are in luck. Colonial Motor Mart in Indiana, PA, is the place for folks looking for the best selection of used midsize, full-size, and heavy-duty pickup trucks. Many people do not understand the benefits of buying a used truck as they are wedded to the idea of only buying new trucks. They like the idea of buying new but don’t understand that your truck dollars go farther when you buy used.

These drivers haven’t found out something that you may already know: buying a used truck can get you the same make, model, trim, engine, and other features for a lot less than if you bought the same truck brand new. They also don’t seem to realize that the new truck they just bought lost a lot of value the minute they drove it out of the dealership since that new truck is now considered used. This ability to buy more truck for your buck is why buying a used truck from us is the best deal you are going to find on your next pickup truck. At Colonial Motor Mart, we feature an extensive inventory of all the top makes and models of used trucks, giving you the selection you need to get the exact truck that you want.

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Why Choose Colonial Motor Mart?

There are plenty of used truck dealers around, but none of them provide you with the experience you will have at Colonial Motor Mart. It starts with a broad inventory of trucks that will give you the selection you need to get you the right truck. When you are buying used, you need to keep in mind that these are already owned vehicles. This means that they already come with a set amount of the features and accessories of the specific make, model, and trim. When you buy new, you can often select the drivetrain and powertrain of the truck, which is not the case when buying used. When you buy from Colonial Motor Mart, you are able to leverage our extensive inventory to find the various features you want, such as four-wheel drive, a diesel engine, and off-road equipment, among other things.

One concern that many folks have when buying a used vehicle is the reputation of the seller. Too many people have either heard stories from friends and relatives who had issues with used vehicle dealerships or had this experience themselves. It is unfortunate that so many disreputable people have harmed the reputation of used truck dealers. At Colonial Motor Mart, we understand these concerns, which is why we have made the process as transparent as possible so that you know you are getting a quality used truck at a good price.

To this end, we include a complimentary CARFAX vehicle history report with each of our used trucks. This will show you all the important information you need to know about your used truck, including prior ownership, whether it was used for commercial purposes, if there are any open recalls, and its accident, repair, and service history. With a CARFAX vehicle history report, you will get the facts you need to make an intelligent deal.

Another reason to buy from us is that we offer excellent financing options if you need to get a loan or a lease on your next used truck. Our finance team will work with you to get pre-approval for a lease or loan and will make sure to get you the best terms possible so that the financing fits your budget perfectly.

Finally, we offer long-term service for your used truck. Like all other vehicles, used trucks need routine services such as oil changes and tire rotations, as well as other more extensive repairs and maintenance. Our service center features a team of trained technicians who can work on any make and model of truck on the road today. When it comes time to service your used truck, you know you can rely on Colonial Motor Mart to be there for you.

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What Truck Brands Do We Sell?

When you are buying a used truck, you need to know that your dealership has the brands that you like. Colonial Motor Mart has you covered. We carry a great assortment of used trucks from all of the top automakers, including trucks from the big US brands like Chevy, GMC, Ram, and Ford. We also carry trucks from the top Japanese automakers like Toyota that give you great features. This will also help you find the used truck you want at a very affordable price.

One of the things all of these brands have in common is that they are rugged and dependable. There is a reason why these top truck brands have been in the business for so long, in some cases going back over 100 years like Ford, Chevy, and GMC. They have built a reputation of quality that has lead to some of the best brand loyalty of any vehicle type on the road today. They also make a broad assortment of trucks ranging from midsize models that make great pleasure vehicles, especially for off-roading, to heavy-duty trucks that give you the maximum towing and payload capacities so you know you can get the toughest jobs done without too much trouble.

These brands also offer the most diverse lineup of full-size trucks, the most popular model of pickup trucks in America. There are more trims, engine options, and special features on full-size trucks than any other truck size. They are also the most versatile, being the perfect mix of a business and pleasure vehicle in one tough package.

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Check Out These Powerful Ford Trucks

Ford F-150

When you need to buy one of the most recognized trucks on the market, you have to look into buying a Ford F-150. Hailed as one of the best-selling vehicles in America and highly rated by critics for decades on end, there are few trucks that can adequately compete with a nameplate that is considered to be one of the greatest truck models of all time. The F-150 hasn't just carved out its spot as a premier full-size truck, but its frequent generational innovations and evolutions have allowed it to become one of the most recognized leaders in the truck segment.

The constant adaptation to enable higher tow ratings, more fuel-efficient powertrains, and a roomy and high-tech interior makes the F-150 an all-around great pick for anyone looking for a reliable and modern used truck. Even older generations of the F-150 have remained popular due to being extremely dependable and very powerful. Over the years, Ford has refined the performance of the F-150 so that even while the engines may not be as big as they used to, they offer more fuel-efficient performance. So there's always something to benefit from the F-150 when looking for used trucks near you, whether it be for towing, trailering, or just general travel.

Ford F-150 Raptor

The Ford F-150 Raptor is the perfect vehicle for those who want something rugged, ready to tackle the great outdoors, and primed for all sorts of off-road shenanigans. The F-150 Raptor is a multi-generational hardcore enthusiast iteration of Ford's popular pickup. It’s a model designed specifically to beat dirt pathways into submission, climb over rocks like a professional, and ford through water with ease thanks to its ground clearance.

Buying a used F-150 Raptor means buying into an enthusiast brand for those who want the extra power and performance available during their travels. Maybe you enjoy long high-rev drives across the beach at night, or maybe you like exploring the forest and all of its undulating hills and winding dirt pathways? Whatever thrill rides you seek when it comes to off-road adventures, the Raptor has you covered. If you're concerned a little less with fuel economy and would prefer an iteration of the F-150 with an extra helping of menace to it, then definitely give the F-150 Raptor a go.

You'll Have Many Incredible Options From Chevy

Chevy Silverado 1500

Another one of America's best-selling vehicles that happens to be a pickup. The quintessential full-size pickup from Chevy is none other than the Silverado 1500 series. The Silverado has undergone many different alterations over the years as a half-ton truck that wears many hats. It gives truckers a lot of different variety and options when it comes to buying used models and trim variations. With a multitude of different powertrains and trims that range from basic necessities to luxury-oriented special editions, you have a huge buffet of choices when it comes to buying a used Silverado 1500.

Inside and out, the Silverado 1500 is a truck designed to fit the mold of anyone's lifestyle, whether you need a full-size pickup for basic errands or something necessary for towing and trailering. The Silverado 1500 is a very versatile vehicle. Featuring all of the popular interior conveniences that many truck shoppers seek when it comes to infotainment connectivity and comfort, the Silverado 1500 is renowned for being as feature-rich as it is dependable.

Chevy Colorado

The Chevy Colorado is a mid-size pickup that has attracted lots of trucking enthusiasts due to its affordable price, accessible cabin, and great handling. The Colorado may not have the towing and cargo-hauling capacity as the Silverado 1500 series, but it can still manage to tow and haul plenty of items, from small boats and trailers to recreational vehicles. The Colorado makes for a great adventure truck, especially if you opt for the more audacious trims.

In particular, the Colorado has made quite a name for itself with the Z71 models. Over the years, these have been go-to options for anyone looking to buy a mid-size pickup that can handle just about anything the great outdoors can throw at it. Designed with improved suspension, ground clearance, and an abundance of available bed configurations for all sorts of recreational activities, the Colorado Z71 and ZR2 options make for perfect alternatives for true outdoors trucking enthusiasts.

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There Are Even More Great Options From Ram

Ram 1500

Uncompromising power combined with unbridled masculinity makes the Ram 1500 a nameplate to be reckoned with. Few trucks have conquered a segment of the market with such staunch reverence from truck enthusiasts than the Ram 1500. With a long and recognized history in the industry as a trendsetter, the Ram 1500 has managed to stand out among the competition as being a true workhorse with a unique sense of style all its own. Oftentimes powered by a beefy Hemi, the Ram 1500 shows that trucks can compete with some of the most well-tuned performance sports vehicles on the market, in addition to handling some heavy-duty trucking tasks.

It's not just about off-the-line performance and an aggressive design that commands attention; the Ram 1500 also has a foot firmly in the work truck culture, too. The Hemi and diesel powertrain options have been put to good use with high towing and trailering ratings, as well as having extremely reliable cargo capacity limits, making it a great truck to own on a work site or to use for heavy transportation. With the added benefits of the Uconnect infotainment suite and a great line-up of various trims to suit whatever kind of lifestyle or driving habits you may have, choosing to buy a used Ram 1500 provides you with a wealth of options for a very dependable truck.

Here Are a Few Choices From Toyota

Toyota Tacoma

A mid-size staple in the long-running Toyota brand of vehicles, the Tacoma has been one of the most reliable pickup trucks on the market for decades. Its focus on stability, reliability, handling, and fuel economy has made it a go-to solution for truck shoppers looking for something that isn't intimidating or overwhelming. Unlike some truck models out there, the Tacoma doesn't over-burden potential shoppers with too many options. It keeps the selections relevant and effective based on what's important.

With two-wheel and four-wheel drive options, the Tacoma is designed to handle a lot of common, everyday tasks most people would require of a pickup without breaking the bank. The affordability factor combined with the optional cabin and drivetrain layouts gives it enough versatility to attract all manner of truck shoppers. The additional benefit of the TRD trims adds a layer of enthusiast appeal to the Tacoma for those who want a mid-size truck capable of all sorts of off-road feats.

Toyota Tundra

When you need something larger and more imposing than a mid-size truck, you go with a full-size, half-ton pickup that has a history of being sturdy, rugged, and reliable. The Toyota Tundra has everything you could want out of a full-size pickup at a price that many flock to when looking to buy a used truck. With various powertrain options, lots of interior comfort amenities, and various trims suited for different kinds of truckers, from casuals and enthusiasts to luxury-minded drivers, there's a little bit of something there for everyone.

The Tundra, much like the Tacoma, also comes equipped with a lot of the standard features that Toyota has been implementing into their line-up of vehicles across the board. This includes newer generation trucks like the Tundra coming fully equipped with the Toyota Safety Sense suite, which includes everything from driving assists to collision mitigation systems. The added ability to make use of the Tundra's half-ton payload capacity and towing capabilities means that you can also use the Tundra for leisure and work-related purposes in equal measure.

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Common Questions We Are Asked About Our Truck Sales

Many of our used truck buyers come to each day with questions about these great vehicles. Here are a few of the most common ones:

What is the difference between rear-wheel and four-wheel drive on a truck?

Four-wheel drives will give you better traction, particularly in bad weather. This type of drivetrain is also necessary if you plan to use your truck for off-roading. However, a four-wheel drive distributes more weight throughout a vehicle, reducing its towing and payload capacities. As a result, if your main goal is to be able to get the maximum out of your used truck for trailering and carrying cargo, then you may best be served with rear-wheel drive.

What is the difference between the various sizes of trucks?

There are basically three different sizes of trucks. Midsize trucks are the smallest, with the lowest towing and payload capacities. However, they are also the easiest to drive with the tightest wheelbases and get the best gas mileage. These are also ideal for first-time truck drivers. Full-size trucks are also known as half-ton trucks since this was traditionally the amount of cargo they could carry in their payload. Today’s used full-size trucks can carry more than this and are the most diverse and versatile size of truck on the road. The largest trucks are the heavy-duty models. These can tow the heaviest trailers, but they also get the lowest fuel economy and tend to be more expensive than the other two sizes.

How are used trucks priced?

Like all other vehicles, used trucks are priced based on age, make, model, trim, mileage, and features. A newer truck with less mileage will cost more than an older truck with bigger numbers on the odometer. A used truck with a diesel powertrain will cost more than the same truck with a gas engine, assuming age and mileage are relatively the same. Used trucks with four-wheel drive will usually also cost more than ones with a rear-wheel drivetrain.

Cab design will also affect the price of a used truck, with Crew Cab models commanding a higher price than used trucks with other cab types. Finally, higher trims, special edition models, and ones with special features also cost more than other used models since the demand tends to be higher for these trucks. In other words, if you are looking at a used truck with leather seats, expect to pay a bit more than if the used truck you are looking at has vinyl or fabric seat material.

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