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If you are in the market for a used truck, you know that finding a used truck dealer can be a bit overwhelming. There is a lot more to finding the perfect dealership than just typing “used truck dealer near me” into your internet search bar. When searching for the right dealership, you need somebody that has a strong reputation, and a large inventory of quality used trucks. You need Colonial Motor Mart.

Not all used dealerships are created equal. A vehicle purchase is a huge investment, and you want to make sure you are making the right decision. This is especially the case when you don’t know exactly what make and model of vehicle you are looking for. That’s why it’s so important that you buy your vehicle from somebody you can trust: somebody like Colonial Motor Mart.

Our used trucks are known for their quality and longevity, making our vehicles the perfect vehicles for both work and play. Since we deal with used trucks, we know what makes a used truck great: dependability and durability. You can rest assured knowing that all of our vehicles are in tip-top shape and are ready for you to take them for a spin.

A red 2018 Ford F-150 is shown towing an open trailer after searching for a used truck dealer near you.

For 75 Years, Our Dealership Has Served the Indiana PA Area

75 years in business is a long time, but we’re thrilled to have been around for that long. There is no place in the world quite like Indiana, PA and the people here are one of a kind. It has been our honor to serve them for so long. And our customer reviews would indicate that Pennsylvania has been happy to work with us as well.

Some of the things that our customers appreciate most about us is our transparency. We don’t try to hide anything from you. In fact, when you’re shopping for a used vehicle from us, we keep things as open and honest as possible. You won’t have any unexpected surprises sprung on you after you bring your vehicle home. We back this claim up by offering lifetime warranties and lifetime inspections on our vehicles, as well as a 48-hour money-back guarantee. When you buy from Colonial Motor Mart, you’ve got nothing to lose.

One of the main things that sets Colonial Motor Mart apart from used truck dealerships is our excellent selection. We have a massive inventory of used vehicles, including trucks, cars, SUVs, and more, and all from a wide range of manufacturers. You’re sure to find exactly what you are looking for on our lots! After 75 years in business, we know vehicles, and with hundreds of used vehicles on the lot at any given time, you are sure to find a used truck that fits all your needs. And if we don’t have exactly what you are looking for in stock (or even if we do), our experts can help you find just the used vehicle that is perfect for you.

A blue 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 is shown from the side driving on an open road.

Important Things to Consider When You Look For a Truck

One of the first things you should consider when shopping for used trucks is what you need your truck to be able to do. What kind of lifestyle do you lead, and how will your truck fit into that lifestyle? Will your truck be used exclusively on the weekends, or will you be using your truck for work every day? Where do you plan on taking your truck, and how much do you need it to be able to carry?

If you’re going to be hauling a heavy load, then the payload capacity is important. What is payload capacity? Just like the name implies, a vehicle’s payload capacity is the amount of weight it can carry in its cargo area. This number will not only include things like passengers and their belongings but also whatever else you plan to stick in the bed of your truck. Towing capacity factors in the weight of the truck and its cargo as well as whatever the total weight is of your trailer and the trailer's load.

If you plan on doing a lot of recreational towing, then getting a used truck with a high tow rating is important. You’ll also want to take into consideration the price of fuel in your area and compare it to the used truck’s fuel economy rating. It's also important to consider the tech that comes with each truck. Different truck makes and models come with different available technologies, and you need to consider which features are important to you.

Used trucks with off-road capabilities can be a great choice if you are planning on going off the beaten path. Whether you’re looking to go mudding or you just want something that is capable of turning in some dirt, used trucks that handle well on rough terrain will make it so much easier to get your truck dirty. Alternatively, if you mostly plan on working around town, maybe extra safety features such as backup cameras will be more important to you.

A black 2016 Ford F-150 is shown from the side parked in front of a mountain range.

Best Selling Trucks

One of the most successful truck brands is absolutely Ford. Ford has a stellar reputation for putting out strong and capable trucks for nearly 50 years. Ford's best-selling truck is definitely the F-150, but the F-250 and F-350 are also some pretty stellar trucks.

Another brand that has managed to stay on top of used truck sales is Chevrolet. The Silverado 1500 used to be one of the best-selling used trucks, and it still holds a spot as one of the three best selling trucks on the market, but now you can find used versions of the Colorado as well. Another strong contender for used truck sales is Ram. While they used to be only known for their workhorses, now there are used versions of the sleek and sporty Ram SRT that can turn some heads.

If you're looking for a used truck with an impressive reputation, then going with either Ford or Chevrolet would definitely be your best bet. But really, at Colonial Motor Mart, we work hard to only keep reputable trucks in our inventory, so if it's on our lot, you know it's going to serve you well.

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