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Smart buyers know a used vehicle is a wise expenditure, and a used Toyota is even wiser. Toyota is a brand known for its quality and reliability, and Colonial Motor Mart is the place to come when you’re searching for your next car. We are more than a used Toyota dealership; Colonial Motor Mart lives and works in our community as a proudly family-owned business. We care about bringing our customers an exceptional experience. With every visit, you can count on transparency in our sales relationships, so you always know exactly what you’re getting when you buy any vehicle with us.

We carry all used Toyota models, from the compact Corolla to the three-row Highlander. No matter what type of used Toyota you need, we are confident our large selection will have the perfect Toyota for you. Let our friendly staff lend their expertise to help you find the vehicle you are looking for, or you can search in our convenient online inventory from anywhere. Schedule a test drive to discover the right used Toyota, and enjoy the fun of driving your future car.

A blue 2020 Toyota Highlander is driving down a paved road after leaving a used Toyota dealership.

Toyota Brand History

Toyota as a company has a long history dating back to 1926, when the original founder, Sakichi Toyoda, started the company to manufacture looms he built and patented. Toyoda’s dedication to invention and consistent improvement of his products is the foundation on which the company expanded to become the worldwide brand it is today. It didn’t take long for Toyoda’s success in manufacturing looms to branch into the automotive business, a division that began in 1933. By 1936, the Model AA sedan was produced for the market, and then in 1937, the Toyota Motor Company was formed as a separate entity of its own. In the following decade, Toyoda’s company blossomed into several industries which created parts for auto production, listed stocks in several Japanese markets, and even established a hospital.

These auspicious origins faltered for a time during World War II when the auto plant produced only trucks for military use and then needed to halt production to repair the damage done to its facilities during the war. In 1947 production finally resumed for passenger vehicles, and then the Japanese company increased its efficiency by studying other motor companies. This led to establishing a new company in America in 1957 for sales.

Though the first vehicle produced and exported for Americans was not well received, the Land Cruiser as its second vehicle did better. It took until 1965 to see major success on American soil. Several mergers shifted the company over the decades, one of which was to join forces with GM to form New United Motor Manufacturing, located in California as a dual-company plant where Toyota could finally manufacture in the US.

Since then, Toyota has grown to build brands like Lexus, manufacture over 500 million air conditioner compressors in a worldwide market, establish a global finance company, and produce over 15 million automobiles since its inception. In 1992, Toyota set up an environmental committee “in an effort to promote company wide environmental conservation activities,” which was set up to help mitigate the overall effects of automotive manufacturing, right down to disposal of waste.

Toyota weathered the 2008 financial crisis and navigated a harrowing recall of several of its vehicles in the following years to rise to the status of the world’s largest automaker, even above the mastodon GM. Today, Toyota is considered one of the largest world conglomerates with joint ventures around the globe.

Two 2020 Toyota Tacomas are parked in a field facing each other.

What Makes this Brand One of the Best-Selling in the World?

Sales figures alone tell the story of Toyota’s incredible capability to rise to an ever-greater status in the automotive world, but there is more than sales numbers behind the brand’s growth. Toyota leadership conjures a mindset of growth focused on producing vehicles of high quality at low prices while also providing customers with excellent service. A constant striving for better use of technology, resources, and a well-laid-out process for continued growth is the foundation for Toyota company culture, which informs its success. Part of the recipe for its reputation comes in the insistence on transparency, which Colonial Motor Mart shares in the way we also do business.

Since Toyota began selling its vehicles in the US, it has achieved remarkable sales figures. In 1986, Toyota became the first foreign automaker to sell one million vehicles in a single year. Shortly after this million-vehicle mark, Toyota earned first place in the luxury market with Lexus as a top luxury import in the US. This drive to build on its success continued with the Prius, which is credited as being the first mass-produced hybrid in the world in 1997.

For the last decade, sales of the Camry have held fast as a top-selling vehicle in the US, having held the spot as the number one best-selling car for 15 years in a row in 2016. Other vehicles seen in the top ten best-selling vehicles in the US market include the Corolla, Prius, RAV4, Highlander, and Tacoma. The incredible sales records are paralleled by the wide reach of corporations and industries Toyota has included in its conglomeration around the world. It is this consistent intention to build quality vehicles that makes Toyota a brand buyers can trust.

A red 2020 Toyota 4Runner is parked next to two older 4Runners in a field at sunset.

Why Choose Colonial for Your Used Toyota?

Colonial Motor Mart believes in the quality of Toyota vehicles, and we share the company’s interest in providing excellent customer care. Beyond the friendly, knowledgeable staff ready to serve customers, we go beyond the sales process to offer our Lifetime Warranty. When you purchase a car from Colonial Motor Mart, you can rest assured that your vehicle is covered by a comprehensive plan that will last as long as you own your car.

We also offer lifetime free state inspections, so you never need to pay to have your car inspected when you visit our service center to renew. If you live within 15 miles of our dealership, we even offer free pick-up and delivery of your vehicle when you want to trade in your old vehicle for a newer one. Because we know buying a new car is a big decision, we offer a 48-hour money-back guarantee that gives you time to return the vehicle with no questions asked if you don’t completely love it.

Once you find the right Toyota, our team continues to work for you for as long as you own the vehicle. Our service team is trained and certified to work on all Toyota models and can provide exceptional care for your vehicle. We use only factory parts to repair your Toyota, so it always runs as reliably as it should, and we offer everyone a complimentary car wash when you come for servicing so your Toyota goes home looking its best. All of this comes to you at no cost when you purchase your used Toyota at Colonial, with any vehicle you choose.

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